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when it becomes iOS4, "looks like a wallpaper or an icon that is riding on the shelf" to have come up with happy happy ... there is added the ability to customize the wallpaper. I also like that because the iBooks, and I was inspired from there. I was made to the single-mindedness. It is said will be like to make a wallpaper from the past, and ". I Wallpaper I love you" to a friend. The person who wants to say is please please take. Since I made the published article to fly to from the link below.


Childhood, but I had been graffiti Bakkari wanted to be a cartoonist, I would do all somewhere so crappy. I thought I Graphics I make such a computer, but not that great, and is not able to accompany yourself. The concept of design trends, but can not be much but even now (;) at the graffiti had been painted by watching someone's example did not. Shock when you touch the design for the first time is immeasurable. I have thought it is now, and thanks to all those who left the world of the designer of the design.


Some while now understand can make an image using a PC, how to do it. So, the encounter with the Internet, we would change my life 180 degrees and until then, interaction with PC began to age 20. What does not faint too surprised that I have a mark-up No way is my high school dropouts, teenagers my age Once you know? So, to web design through the mark-up was enthusiastic.

To a personal Web site at that time, it is not clear even purpose, but I did not only about bulletin board pictures and made​​, noticed his friend said "the main content? Will renewal," and had been the site renewal frequently beneath.

Hear say and site renewal might be good, slow growth, to try;) but not all of course (something Yara property of each individual, if you can understand to some extent "use the word freshly remember so self-study as the "infant wants, was repeatedly renewed a few times a week. Worth of such experience or when there was to be able to work as a web designer, I remember very Kangaibukaka~tsu.


potential in iPhone apps has been disturbed. I think I had the opportunity to engage in its production, was lucky Moreover unmistakable. One icon, one button, we consider the element assembly, such as flow size and placement, and transition. I was able to meet a glimpse of what its importance, called UX · UI design.

Although this will introduce an iPhone application, mainly with respect to things I am allowed to participate as a work are difficult to disclosure of information, we have to introduce a fictitious application GUI. It is not possible to download such as AppStore, I ask my best regards to you will acknowledge it beforehand.

Motif is a general photo processing application

Motif is instagram


I fell in love with taking photos is that the past few years. I was like that before speaking of love, was already done in about And there is no shooting in particular are interested in technology, will want to take pictures Mushoni If you encounter nice views.

However, now has an interest in shooting technique so only is that not close to a person familiar with the camera itself and shooting technique, that let me hear the story, and how things get pulled out an interest so much, you surprised by yourself beneath. Naturally, a great work of those who tell you that I do not have to say. I've written but have ...

Chile is like my knowledge of the time I begin with, at best, such as depth of field, angle of aperture, shutter speed, on every count, "I have heard of some ..." I was about, ignorance Why what fun it was from, and let people get such knowledge to the next, just listen to repeatedly → → examining try it, going moistened something in me that I understand. Since I had met a demon named instagram in such an occasion, the heat for something that I photograph I will continue to accelerate.

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